OneVision Corporation was founded in 1994 by Stephen F. Bean and Neil E. Morris, electrical engineering graduates from The Ohio State University. Working closely with Ross Laboratories (now Abbott Nutrition), a dominant manufacturer of baby foods, Mr. Bean developed precision optical instrumentation to measure the critical components of double seams on food cans. Mr. Bean and Mr. Morris formed OneVision® as equal partners to help food and beverage canners closely monitor and control the quality of seams on food and beverage cans. Listening to our valued customers enabled OneVision® engineers to continue developing more intelligent measurements and automatic process information that helps predict and ensure seam quality in each user’s unique IT environment. OneVision® has installed and actively supports over 300 systems in North America and Europe.


OneVision® develops, manufactures, sells and supports inspection systems to food and beverage canners, can makers, and specialty manufacturers (oil filter, aerosol cans, composite cans).

We provide double seam inspection systems and weigh scale systems to customers. Our networked systems provide immediate easy-to-use double seam images and process quality information on the quality manager’s desktop and to the staff on the production floor.

We listen to our users’ ideas and develop products and services to help them do their jobs better. OneVision® software systems provide information that empowers our users to improve quality.


• Precision Measurements using Microscopic Optical Imaging
• Optical Imaging Detection, Dimensioning, and Curve Fitting
• Precision Mechanical Gauges
• Precision Mechanical Systems to Access Double Seam Dimensions
• Statistical Process Control
• Software Systems for Process Measurement / Control
• Networked Systems


OneVision® is focused on developing improved measurement and control systems and methods for canners and can manufacturers.
Our innovations include:

• Stable precision optical measurements of double seams
• Automatic dimensioning and interpretation
• MultiVision© optical scanner that performs fast, precision dimensional measurements of curved surfaces
• AutoAlert© for improved process control
• SeamVision™ on Quality Manager’s desktop for improved process control
• Seam Stripper for slotted cans
• Simple, fast-cutting precision seam saw
• Sound-abated automatic precision seam saw
• SeamMate© system functions include automatic seam dimensions and seam image compression, seam image storage and access
• SeamMate© system’s optical image quality and measurement speed is a major competitive advantage
• SeamMate© double seam measurements show exceptional repeatability and reproducibility
• Video profiler capabilities include fast scanning and precision dimensional measurements of image profiles
• SeamMate© process control graphs and tabular reports are easy to access and interpret. You can remove points from the graphs for customer certification reports
• AutoAlert© automatically predicts process problems from measured data using several statistical criteria, alerting operators and managers to process areas needing attention and helping the user diagnose process problems. This predictive function saves seamer downtime by helping focus and plan seamer maintenance tasks.